Well Control and BOP Training


The responsibility of being in control of a well and preventing a blowout requires training by educators who know and understand the process first-hand.  Exceeding the guidelines set forth by our industry, our Well Control & BOP Training sets the benchmark in the Oilfield.

Drilling & Workover Rig Inspections


We are keeping rigs in compliance and proactively eliminating and mitigating hazards on locations.  Our team of experts through our "No Rig Left Behind" initiative has aided companies, operators  and insurance providers with the best HSE tools to improve and maintain the overall safety of their fleets.

Accident Investigations & Root-Cause Analysis


Accidents and incidents can happen and when they do, our team of experts are ready to assist you in the investigation and reporting process.  We provide detailed reports and can also aid in accident reconstruction.  Our use of various trademarked Root-Cause Analysis systems such as Tripod Beta and Tap Root, allow us to get down to the Root-Cause and help prevent future occurrences.

Health, Safety & Environmental Training


IADC's Rig Pass, SafeLand, SafeGulf, H2S, HAZWOPER, Rescue First-Aid/CPR, Confined Space, Forklift/Manlift, Driver Safety and Environmental Awareness are just a few of the various HSE Trainings we provide.  Contact us for a full list of the course we can provide or custom-build or you.

HSE Program Development & Management


In the our industry, you're only as good as your Safety Program.  If you think your HSE Program is just some dusty manual on a shelf or a guy with a clipboard and a title, then you're in for a big surprise.  We proudly build World-Class HSE Programs and have the results to prove it.  Let us help you build and maintain yours.

"SHAPE" Behavioral-Based Safety Programs


Our trademarked "SHAPE" Behavioral-Based Safety Program can greatly enhance an already established and successful HSE Program.  By incorporating the five essential elements to a successful HSE Program:  Safety, Health, Attitude, Proactivity and Environment, "SHAPE" can improve your overall safety and efficiency simultaneously.

DOT OQ Pipeline Training & Services


We can help develop and maintain an OQ program, a written OQ plan, establish a covered task list applicable to your system and help define the training and qualification requirements for personnel performing covered tasks on your pipeline facility.

Expert Witness Testimony and On-Site HSE Specialists


With decades of experience in various areas of the oilfield and in HSE, our team of experts are available to serve as Expert Witnesses to help build and solidify your case.  Our On-Site HSE Specialists also serve on Rig Sites and Job Sites to provide HSE services 24/7 on Turn-Arounds and Projects.

Rig Wranglers Merchandise & Swag


After selling out of our initial order of 1,000 Richardson Snap Back Caps in a week, we realized that there was something to our Rig Wranglers logo.  Caps, Koozies, Shirts, Stickers and other swag are on their way.  Stay tuned!